WA Oil Asset Power Station Works

Projects - WA Oil Asset Power Station Works

Project: WA Oil Asset Power Station Works
Client: Chevron
Value Range: $11-35m

Gascoyne Powers honed expertise in power generation, high voltage distribution and control systems led to its awarding of the ECPM and maintenance contract to;

  • Increase the generating capacity of the central power station by a factor of 3
  • Improve the existing generating plant, high voltage distribution and process control system reliability , down to an combined reliability of a staggering 78%
  • Erection of a new cyclone rated aerial bundled cable power line to supplement the existing grid
  • Undertake operations and maintenance for a period of 12 years

The challenges of the project started with the environmental sensitivities of the site and ended with the mix of control systems and superseded existing equipment. Through careful engineering, design, diligent construction management and maintenance methods were able to complete all tasks on time and within budget. Reliability was systematically improved and resulted in 99.95% minimum reliability in both the new and existing plant areas.

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